Hello! I'm urof. I'm just your average nobody, nothing special really. This is my personal space of the internet, it's not much, but it's mine. It's free of the usual spookware, such as Cloudflare, Javascript or any form of logging. If you're feeling fancy, this website is also avaliable over Tor and I2P (A, B).


I'm avaliable over XMPP, on the following JID: urof@urof.net. You can write to me in either English or Swedish. Also if you're going to contact me, I would prefer if you used OMEMO. I have the following fingerprint:

27B81A09 4727BBB8 806865B0 2501C237 4F6CD239 39A3A03B 2709475B 47D8E952

It's also possible to contact me over email: urof@disroot.org or for those using I2P urof@mail.i2p - [PGP]


Want to send me Monero? Feel free to do so on the following XMR address (why you would want to is beyond me).