Anatomy of this website

Published: 2022-07-07 - Updated: 2022-08-04

The website itself

All HTML on this website is generated through a custom script written in Perl. It allows me to easily modify and update the website, it lets you write the pages in markdown and will automatically convert it to XHTML. There a few things I would like to add, but currently don't need see a need for such as: tags, syntax highlighting.

The website is avaliable on my git. Any changes pushed to the git repository will cause the server to automatically pull and regenerate it.

The domain was bought from, I choose them because they accept Monero. Small critique is that they allow you to sign up with a XMPP JID, but their service sends messages with OTR, which is not that supported anymore in modern clients (in favor of OMEMO). Overall great, super simple management interface and isn't using the shitware that is CPanel.


It's all powered by an old laptop of mine (Dell Latitude 2100). It's by no means powerful, but it's well-suited for powering this small little website.

It averages at around 50° celsius, during the summer. While that's pretty good, judging its environment. Despite this I still consider this server a fire hazard.


The server is running Debian, simply because it just works. The webserver itself is powered by nginx.

My git is statically generated using stagit every 5 minutes. I'm personally not a big fan of this software, as it lacks any easy way of customizing it. I plan on making my own instead at a later day.

I do have some future plans such as moving over or trying out OpenBSD, mostly because it seems more sane. I would probably run into some issues related to Wi-Fi drivers, because it's currently running the properitary Intel wireless driver.

Questions or comments? contact me!