Start using Privacy Frontends!

Published: 2022-11-03 - Updated: 2022-11-03


It's no big news, that most social media platforms can be quite annoying to browse if you lack an account, with the endless popups telling you to login, and obnoxious interfaces. Most of them are also quite hostile if you're visiting with a suspicious IP like with a VPN, or routing your traffic through Tor. And good luck trying to use them if you have JavaScript disabled.

The front-ends mentioned below, don't leak your IP to the original platform as all traffic goes through the frontend instead and work perfectly fine without JavaScript.


Nitter is a viewer for Twitter. It's works perfectly without JavaScript, and supports getting RSS feeds from users. Also, unlike it doesn't show any ads while browsing.

If you wish to try Nitter out, here's a few to get started with! else, you can take a look at their wiki for a bigger list.


Reddit is possibly the most bloated website there is, it seemingly takes forever to load in, but that's no surprise with the 20 MB of resources across 250 requests it fetches. But there's a solution, Libreddit offers a nice looking and an easy to use viewer for Reddit.

If you wish to try Libreddit out, here's a few to get started with! else, you can take a look at their GitHub repository which lists a few instances.


Invidious is a complete alternative viewer to YouTube. It features the ability to create accounts, that let you subscribe to channels and create playlists. It also by default blocks any ads and sponsored segments within videos with the use of SponsorBlock.

One thing to note is that some instances have Proxy videos off by default, which means you'll be downloading the video from Google instead of the instance, therefore I highly recommend turning it on.

If you wish to try Invidious out, here's a few to get started with! else you can take a look at their documentation which lists a few instances.

Automatic redirection

It would be quite annoying to manually change the URL every time you happen to come across one of these platforms. Privacy Redirect (Firefox, Chrome) fixes exactly that and redirects you automatically to whatever instance you have configured in the settings!

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