This is my personal blog, mainly low effort posts such as short updates or random thoughts which I don't wanna write dedicated articles for. You can also subscribe to its feed (RSS)

2022-09-04 No. 5

To save a bit bandwith and improve load times a bit, I decided to implement the Cache-Control headers. For now I cache images and fonts, these are stored "forever" in the browsers cache. If you are interested in doing the same, I recommending reading the documentation. If you using NGINX I used the following location directive.

location ~ ^/static/(banner|fonts|images)/ {
    add_header Cache-Control "public, no-transform, max-age=31536000";
2022-08-21 No. 4

I made a simple file sharing service, both paste and files! It's a bit different then your tradiational service, the idea is that users pick a "box" and then upload content into it. If you wanna try it out, you can find it here (I2P (A, B), Tor).

Note: It's probably going to be quite slow, so yeah... Enjoy!

2022-08-13 No. 3
W3C - Valid XHTML 1.1

I've now switched from using HTML4 to XHTML 1.1 in an attempt to improve compatiblity with older browsers. I personally would you advice you to do the same if you have a website, it shouldn't be too much work. The difference between HTML and XHTML is that everything needs to have a closing tag.

If you want to validate your website against XHTML, you can use I also tested my website against Dillo, which is a very minimalistic web browser, it also tells you have about any errors with parsing.

Also debating about changing the style of this website, as it's quite bloated with custom fonts and a background image.

2022-08-12 No. 2
htop showing 100% CPU usage

I used to have an issue where /sbin/init were taking all my CPU resources leading to other programs getting temporaily locked up for sometimes over a minute, but I've now fixed this by disabling the dbus service. So, my aplogies if it took forever to load in this website before (mainly affected those visiting over the onion mirror).

2022-08-11 No. 1

I now have a place for shorter posts, for those who were subscribed to the RSS feed previously, it has been moved to /articles/feed.xml.